18191313_1352963901464943_1189132325_nPresident: Audrey Shaefer

Hiya there! I’m a junior advertising major and your ultimate Food Network guru. The salsa dancer emoji is my spirit animal, I love avocados, anything teal, sweet potato fries, an unnecessary amount of decorative pillows, cruisin’ around the countryside on a golf cart and being a beach bum. I am known for the classic “Audrey messy bun” — aka messy but strategically tweaked — and will wear 9/10. I will be entering my 3rd year in AAF and am beyond humbled to be president, and certainly cannot wait to lead our team to AAF righteousness!


Vice President: Alison Mass

A senior advertising management major with a minor in graphic design. Second year AAF believer. Avid plant enthusiast. Talents include food styling, spending money and Instagram. True loves include (but are not limited to) vanilla lattes, distressed denim, flowers and binge watching Criminal Minds. Spent the entire summer in Sydney, Australia solely for the Koalas (and to work). Loves you already.


Co-Creative Director: Campbell Thompson

I’m a senior double majoring in creative advertising and studio art who’s grandma like tendencies still allow me to find the time to go to bed at 9pm. On the side I frequent exotic pet selling websites, but unfortunately my roommates won’t let me buy a capybara :/



Co-Creative Director: Amanda Merkel

A creative advertising major and graphic design minor, this third year AAF-er creatively thrives on a diet that is 70% ice cream and 20% breakfast foods. If her career as an art director doesn’t pan out, she hopes to be a successful dog mom.



Co-Media Director: Blake Moreau

Yo! This ad student is a senior that has a passion for sports, snowmobiling and exploring the world! I live for burgers and barbecues. I love to have long talks about movies, but only as long as it’s about Star Wars.




Co-Media Director: Lindsey Stevens

As a senior advertising student I like to do what most students do: cry, think about my future dog, and then cry some more. However, I also enjoy long walks to the fridge for my favorite, tacos & guac, painting things that would make Boss Ross proud, and drinking copious amounts of tea.




Strategy Director: Mia Wallace

Hello! I am a senior in Advertising with a PR minor. My current hobbies include: DIY Chipotle bowls, chai tea, ~spooky~ podcasts and trying to make my cat love me. When I’m not hanging out with penguins in South Africa, you can find me taking naps in Com Arts or eating Hot Cheetos.


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