Want to be a badass? The time is now.

If you’ve ever passed a billboard on the highway and thought, “This thing is horrendous. I can do better,” we want to talk to you. Disclaimer: we are way cooler than just billboards, but…we can’t just give it all away quite yet.

We meet Tuesdays from 5 to 7 p.m. To join that party, you’ll have to jump through one hoop: in this case, a 20 minute interview with a few eboard members. Sign up here!

You can get more information at Sparticipation, August 29th 2017 @5-8 pm. We will also be holding an informational meeting on Tuesday, September 5th at 5 p.m in room 27 of the basement of Comm Arts.

But if you want to get started ASAP—which we hope you do—here’s what you can do to prepare:

  1. Make a resume. Obviously. Email it to us before your interview—but not 10 minutes before.
  2. Prepare to answer our prompt during your interview: Ocean Spray is a cooperative of growers who brought cranberries to fast fame through their simple love for the fruit and a tradition of innovation. Despite their range of products, and over 80 years in the homes of many, they have come to a roadblock when it comes to gaining the market of millennials…How can this traditional brand stick out to an audience who is known for their trendy and particular habits when it comes to the beverage and food market? If you are a creative, design/draw up the ads that would appeal to this audience. If you are management, consider the effective ways to reach these potential customers and write up some strategy points or execution ideas. This is your chance to show us your skills, be prepared to talk about and show your work for the prompt in your interview. Don’t be afraid to show us something different — prepare something you’re comfortable with and that best represents your style, organization, and/or your way of thinking/tackling these advertising objectives. We are open to anything! NOTE: Although responding to the provided prompt is required, this is just a minimum: research the brand and go as far and beyond as your heart desires!
  3. Creative: Get your portfolio ready with class work, personal work or whatever best shows your talent.
  4. Management: Gather writing samples, essays or projects for us to check out.
  5. Practice selling yourself. You’re an ad major!
  6. If you’re an underclassman, don’t stress about this list too much. We won’t just rely on what you have done; we’ll evaluate what you could do. Freshmen, you can meet us at the “Meet Your College” event August 29th @ 9 a.m in CAS.
  7. Ask yourself if you would like to take AAF for ADV 386 or 486 class credit. Whether taking it for credit or simply for experience, we’ll expect same amount of effort.
  8. Seriously, if you are at all interested, email us at aafmsu@gmail.com. We’re happy to answer your questions—even when we’re by the pool or traveling the world.

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