Second is the Best?

Another campaign down!

Wow, this year has flown by! Our team these last two semesters has put so much hard work in that Districts sorta snuck up on us.

Although we started out with a bit of a skimpy brief (we’ll forgive you, Pizza Hut), it wasn’t hard to get excited about working this year. With our client being a pizza company, we felt that we could really open this campaign up to new, fun and creative (maybe even controversial) executions. But before we could get ahead of ourselves, we had to do the research… which was made a breeze by our excellent research team. They went above and beyond to put together insightful surveys and even multiple focus groups that ended up being a large catalyst behind one of our biggest (see also: jaw-dropping) executions. Thanks focus groupers!

Going into the spring semester, our gears were shifted over to promo and creative. We used primary and secondary research to inspire the entire team to come up with ideas strong enough to reposition Pizza Hut in our target’s mind. After an exhausting and dance-filled Plansbook Weekend, we had some ideas that were ready for the cut.

After plenty of editing, disagreeing, re-editing, and editing more, the book was finally all together and better than ever! For blog’s sake, that’s the short version of the story.

All our hard work boiled down to a flawless presentation and awesome book for competition. Everything went great at districts and our judges showed up to the awards ceremony late after a tough deliberation period. We did the work necessary to be a contender, but at some point it has to come down to the opinion of the judges. They awarded Grand Valley first place and our campaign fell into second.

Regardless of the loss, second place is a massive accomplishment in the largest district in the country. We love our campaign and can’t wait to share our plansbooks with friends, family, recruiters, whoever is sitting across from us at job interviews, whoever is sitting next to us on the bus…

For now, we’re still in recovery mode. As we get on our feet for next year, check back on this site for updates.

Maybe next time, Vegas!


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